Clean, kind, effortless self-care.

Cruelty-free, planet-friendly skincare and plant-based products for your bath, body, and home.

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  • Earth Friendly

    From packaging to sourcing ethical ingredients, sustainability is at the core of the company.

  • Natural Ingredients

    The power and purity of plants, straight the earth to your shower.

  • Community Driven

    Through Every Mother Counts, 3% of profit is donated to help empower women.

  • Blossom Bar Soap

    Regular price $12.00
    Regular price Sale price $12.00
    white modern design box of soap; bar of soap next to box purple splashes mixed with white and topped with white flower buds, pink mums peaking in from side, all set on marble backgroundpurple and light purple bar on soap on marble counter top; delicate white flower in small clear vase with water
  • Meadow Bar Soap

    Regular price $12.00
    Regular price Sale price $12.00
    white modern box design for soap laying on a bed of grassy green flowers next to a bar of off white green soap in 4 ombre layerssmall ceramic peach colored vase with pothos like plant, green off white ombre 4 layered soap topped with yellow calendula petals, on marble background
  • Perennial Bar Soap

    Regular price $12.00
    Regular price Sale price $12.00
    purple flowers coming in from all edges to surround a bar of soap and soap box, soap is light green grayish blue and creamy white layers, soap box is modern white design that says Perennialwhite and peach vase filled with green leaves next to marble background, bar of soap facing forward that is light green gray blue and white creamy layers topped with purple flower petals
  • Pure Bar Soap

    Regular price $12.00
    Regular price Sale price $12.00
    stack of 4 creamy white soap bars topped with pink sea salt all on a marble soap dish; left side is a ceramic white and peach vase filled with leaves and right side is a white crystal; set against marble countertopwhite bar soap topped with pink sea salt sitting in front of clean modern designed soap box that says Pure; background of a white towel and washcloth, pink sea salt lamp, against a marble background
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The Secret Ingredient in Alma Sōl Products

If you take a look at the ingredients list for any given product, you’ll notice one ingredient that seems to be in everything.

Here's Why
  • Love this shop, will never use store bought soap again!❣️

    – Melissa

  • I have really dry skin, especially in the winter. This has done a great job in keeping my skin from looking too scaly. 

    – Beth

  • Packaging was very cute and they smell amazing!!

    – Debbie