The Origins of Alma Sōl

The Origins of Alma Sōl

The origin story of Alma Sol is both one of loss, but also of recovery and newfound strength.
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In December 2017, I was recovering from the shock of my first miscarriage. It had been an early loss, so the toll was more emotional than physical, but a grief-stricken recovery nonetheless. I started to search for something to pull me out of my despair and came across an ad for Brambleberry’s natural soap kit.
I’d been fond of handmade soap for a long time, splurging as I stumbled upon it in hotel gift shops, but I’d been too scared to try making it myself due to the use of lye and the obstacle of figuring out where to get all the necessary ingredients.
Soap-making is fascinating, but certainly not simple for a beginner. Once I saw the soap kit, I realized it would be easier than I thought. Maybe. And surely if I could handle "failing" at motherhood, I could handle if my soap didn’t turn out. Ironically, I was so anxious mixing up my first batch, that I messed up the steps, had to toss it out, and needed to buy another kit. The next round was a success and I was hooked!
purple lavender soap with lavender buds on top in a silicone mold sitting on butcher block counter
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After experimenting with soap making for about a year I was encouraged by friends and family to start selling so I opened my first business, Sunday Soap Co.
citrus themed soaps in orange, yellow, pink and green next to slices of real fruit


Around this same time, I experienced my second miscarriage. I was a bit farther along and the recovery was more physical. I was devastated and beginning to feel hopeless at the idea of ever becoming a mother. But my energy was stronger and I now had something I was very good at creating—soap. I continued selling and making soap as well as trying other things such as candles, lotion and lip balm.


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Finally in the fall of 2019, I fell pregnant for a 3rd time. In August 2020, my son was born. Yep, he’s a Covid baby!


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During and after my pregnancy, added with the isolation of the pandemic, I found myself doing a lot of self-reflection in what I truly wanted from my business. I realized that I’d felt very out of control during my pregnancy, despite having many privileges. I remember thinking, if I can research my options and confidently stand up for what I want out of this pregnancy, and still struggle to feel heard, I can’t imagine how much harder it must be for other mothers with more disadvantages, such as those who are racially discriminated against, those with less knowledge of alternate options, young moms, and more. That’s when I realized I wanted to make a difference for mothers everywhere. I decided my business would donate a portion of profits to the organization Every Mother Counts.


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As a new mom myself, I also wanted my brand to be for busy mothers looking to feel quick moments of peace in their hectic lives because I understood how important those little self-care breaks were. So I crafted a new name and brand design, along with reconsidering my product line. Lastly because I believe in the importance of living a toxic-free life, I reformulated my recipes to remove artificial colorants, artificial fragrance, and any other unnecessary ingredients such as palm-oil. 


Blossom soap with purple swirls sitting on marble counter next to white modern soap box and purple flowers


Alma Sōl means “nourishing soul” in latin and aligns with my vision to help empower women, one bar of soap at a time. 


Thank you for listening to my story! 


Have you had to find resilience in your life? How did it change your path? Comment below. 

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