old fashioned vintage bathtub with wooden caddy, flowers, candle and tea

6 Products to Create a Spa Bathroom

If you know me at all, you’d know that I’m a spa junkie. I take the opportunity for a facial or massage any chance I get. But the problem with going to the spa is that it costs money…obviously. And besides, the goal is to bring those spa-like vibes to our every day life because that’s where we actually live most of the time. Here’s some of the ways you can easily bring the spa to you.


mauve pink background on an oval image of a vintage bathtub, title heading six products to make your bathroom a spa

1. Diffuser

There are a few different ways you could incorporate a diffuser into your bathroom, but any option will be a great aromatherapy boost.

You could go for a stylish electric option like this: 


black electric diffuser spraying mist into the air, sitting on a white and black book, on a black table, next to an essential oil bottle and crystals


Or a more analog diffuser, complete with reed sticks like this: 

glass bottle holding oils and lavender buds and wooded reed sticks diffuser

Personally I’ve tried several electric options over the years and I go back to the reeds every time because of the low maintenance (no cleaning or remembering to keep running). 


2. Toilet Seat Warmer

Now right off the bat, I get that this probably feels silly, but in the middle of the night whether the toilet is freezing from the AC or the winter chill, sitting on a freshly warmed seat is a true luxury. For extra boogie-ness, get toilet lights too.

side image of white toilet with blue lights lighting up the inside of the bowl


3. Plants

Most of us have plants already and need to find more space for them so this is an easy one! Simply bring in a plant into the bathroom. Plants love the humidity in a bathroom and you can feel less guilty about those long showers. You could have a potted houseplant sitting on a shelf or the bathroom counter or go the extra mile and hang eucalyptus from your shower head for a true spa vibe. Trader Joe's is my go-to for fresh eucalyptus because it's almost always in stock.

plants in a bathroom, checkered black and white tile floor, all white walls


4. Bathtub Caddy

If you’re into baths and not just a shower person, a bathtub caddy is an easy way to turn a #basicbath into a #luxurysoak. You’ll want to make sure you find an option that works for the size of your tub and what you like to do in there, drink wine, read, pretend to be a mermaid...

modern white bathtub surrounded by white towels and wall, wooden luxury bathtub caddy filled with wine, book and candles


smooth stained dark wood bathtub caddy with candles phone and plant in a black tiled tub



5.  Facial Steamer

I don’t often splurge on facials because if I’m going to spend the money, a massage feels more productive (massage is fantastic for relaxation and the immune system), but one thing about the facial experience that’s super easy to bring home in an affordable way is a facial steamer! Some even have an option to humidify the air and warm towels. 

white and blue electrical facial steamer misting into the air


6. Towel Warmer

Speaking of warm towels, if you have the space, why not hang up a towel warmer instead of a basic towel rack? From personal experience, sometimes bathrooms can be freezing (hi basement bathroom of mine!) and a warm towel can make all the difference. 

black towel warmer rack on white wall in luxury white and black bathroom


Do you already have any of these spa like items in your bathroom? What would be the #1 you'd love to splurge on first? Do you have any other ideas you'd add? I'd love to more hear about it, comment below! 

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